Water Damage Restoration

flooded homeOne of the biggest causes of insurance claims in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia is water damage and the repair costs from the effects of it. Obviously, one part of the problem is the rapid accumulation of water from heavy rain fall and the flood damage created due to that occurrence.

However the majority of water damage problems are brought on by the gradual decay of a roof, plugged gutters, damaged siding, sundeck leaks, or a wet basement to name a few.

water damageWater damage causes rot, mold and other problems. If not fixed, the damage can spread throughout a home thus making it more expensive to repair. Water leaks and/or damage is not always obvious.

Sometimes, there is rot that has originated from an undetected roof leak but only now has become obvious in the interior of the home.

Most, if not all of these water damage problems, and their costs, can be prevented through early inspection and preventative maintenance of the above offenders.

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