Our Professionals

Our staff is made up of highly experienced custom home builders, professional home renovators, roof specialists, and skilled trouble-shooting leak specialists; from the parent company of the multi-award winning Kerr Construction and our associate company Absolute Roof Solutions.

They are all extensively trained and in particular, they are specialists at FINDING WHERE LEAKS ORIGINATE.

One of the most expensive processes can be finding the leak,
unless you have experienced professionals.

Worst areas for leakage are decks, siding, skylights and roofs.

In our rainy weather, the wind can drive water under house siding; decks are notorious for creating leaks into rooms below them; roofs can be leaking around skylights and you might never know until thousands of dollars of damage has been done inside the walls and ceilings.

We have the most current methods, including cameras that can look into the wall FIRST, so that little to no damage is ever done while “looking for the problem”.

Once found, we will restore your home quickly and efficiently so that you and your family can get back to living your normal life. No damage is too small or too much for us to repair, and the area will look like it did before, or even better.
You will not find a better restoration group.

Call for a free evaluation of the damaged or problem area: